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  • Bondage Boutique XL Silicone O-Ring Gag
  • Description: Loose lips sink bits. Enjoy BDSM restraint along with sensational oral pleasure with this advanced silicone O-ring gag. Designed to stretch and open your sub's lips for a plethora of play options, this gag is best-suited to experienced gag wearers. As with all gag play, don't forget to agree a safety signal before you start your session. Learn more about safe words and signals in our Bondage Buyer's Guides.
  • Price: $32.99
  • Bondage Boutique Silicone Ball Gag
  • Description: Assert your dominance and enhance BDSM playtime in an instant with the Bondage Boutique ball gag. With a 5. 5 inch silicone ball, adjustable straps and lacy finish, this BDSM accessory is both stylish and practical. Plus, with small metal loops either side of the mouthpiece this gag is compatible with a range of other bondage accessories. Bondage Boutique is a collection of lingerie-inspired lace bondage gear designed to elevate any bedroom adventure.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Blindfold
  • Description: Oozing luxury, this buckle-fastened faux snakeskin and brass blindfold blends style and functionality for deluxe BDSM play. While its ergonomic shape blocks vision to heighten sensitivity, the soft lining ensures comfort that's second to none. Super-adjustable, crazy comfy and aesthetically stunning, this blindfold is the quickest way to upgrade your toy box, and enjoy sensory play that suits all experience levels. Love the look? Check out the rest of the Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Collection to complete your set.
  • Price: $16.99
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag
  • Description: A great introduction to gag play, this flexible O-ring gag keeps the sub's lips parted for all sorts of erotic play. Silicone and squishy for utmost comfort and adjustable for the perfect fit, this gag lets you give lip service like never before.
  • Price: $14.99
  • Scandal Open Mouth Lace Hood
  • Description: Add a touch of mystery to your sexy ensemble with this sensual lace hood. Open-mouthed for oral pleasures, this hood is ideal for first-time hood play or and those who don't want full blackout. Stretchy for the perfect fit on any head size. Taking influence from Zentai and rubber doll fetishists, this lace bondage hood is crafted from a delicate floral lace in place of heavy rubber or opaque spandex for an alternative, beginner-friendly look and feel.
  • Price: $14.99
  • Sex & Mischief Red Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag
  • Description: The ultimate blow job accessory, this silicone gag keeps mouths open, teeth covered and (with lube) play wet. Thanks to the flexible silicone mouthpiece, this gag is great for beginners and is suitable for all skin types and nickel-free.
  • Price: $14.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Masks On Masquerade Mask (Twin Pack)
  • Description: This beautifully crafted duo of embellished masquerade masks accentuate your features and obscure your identity for mind-bending thrills. Ideal for accessorizing role-play or fancy dress, they're erotic, stylish and enhance your imagination's wild side. "'Masks on,' Christian grins, and as he dons his simple black mask, my prince becomes something darker, more sensual." - Anastasia Steele Whether you take on the characters of Ana and Christian or simply let your role develop as play progresses, your new ambiguous identity will create a whole new level of sexual excitement in the bedroom. Tie the luxurious lengths of satin ribbon to secure your chosen mask around your head and let the role-play begin. Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
  • Price: $24.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Bondage Hood
  • Description: Just imagine the fun you can have with this one-hole fetish hood from Fetish Fantasy. Super-stretchy for the perfect fit, it slips over any head size with ease to conceal identity, obscure vision and enhance role play in a snap. Lightweight and breathable for comfortable wear, slip this hood over your sub's head to dramatically heighten erotic exploration. Although it only features a singular mouth hole, the fabric is sheer enough to see through but opaque enough to hide your facial features, leaving those in your company to guess your identity. A great choice for new subs who are just trying hood play for the first time.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold
  • Description: Ideal for bondage beginners and aficionados alike, this super-soft and luxurious blindfold can also double-up as an eye-mask for the lighter sleepers out there. Silky satin and faux-fur make it as sensual as it is practical. A must-have for sensory deprivation, its elasticated straps give a snug fit to stop any cheeky peeking, and the fur lining means that it's still comfortable when worn for long periods of time. Whether you want to tease or be teased, this versatile black mask is your new best friend. Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom - and beyond.
  • Price: $7.99
  • Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold
  • Description: Transform you or your lover into a sex superhero with this plush, fuzzy satin blindfold. The quickest way to enhance all your senses at once, wearing a blindfold instantly heightens sensitivity to touch, resulting in maximum pleasure from every caress. One of our most popular eye masks, we've re-designed it in stunning crimson to add red-hot heat to your intimate playtime. Slip it over your partner's eyes during your frolics and begin teasing their body, and watch as they wriggle with tingly delight. Plus, thanks to its ultra-comfortable squishy design, it doubles up as an amazing sleep mask (for when play is over, of course). Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom - and beyond.
  • Price: $7.99
  • Bondage Boutique Metallic Pink Blindfold
  • Description: Play a rousing game of blind-man-in-the-buff with this glamorous blindfold. The perfect way to explore sensory deprivation, this dazzling metallic pink blindfold is lined with soft faux leather, keeping your sub firmly in the dark and at your mercy. Featuring an elasticated headband, the blindfold is comfy to wear, easy to remove and fits a wide range of sizes.
  • Price: $9.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set
  • Description: Experience the eroticism of being completely lost in sensation with this pair of satin-feel blindfolds. With 2 masks to choose from, pick the shade that best suits your play, or leave one mask at your lover's house for peek-proof fun away from home. "He reaches down, lifts my chin, and plants a soft wet kiss on my lips before slipping the blindfold over my eyes. I can see nothing, all I can hear is my rapid breathing and the sound of the water lapping against the sides of the yacht as she bobs gently on the sea. Oh my. I am so aroused... Already." - Anastasia Steele Plunging you into darkness and leaving you at the mercy of your lover's sexual whims, these blindfolds are a simple and effective way to experiment with submission and sensory play without physical bondage. With one for you and one for your lover, there's no need to share. Take it in turns to sink into submission or blindly explore one another in new ways when you wear these silky blindfolds together. Allow your touches and kisses to linger as you tease your way to shared orgasmic bliss in the dark, taking the opportunity to try new tricks or introduce new toys. Made from silky satin and faux fur for a supremely soft touch against your skin, and fitted with a pair of stretchy elastic strap for the perfect fit, these blindfolds are comfortable enough for extended wear and also double up as a handy sleep mask. Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.
  • Price: $16.99
  • Zado Leather Mouth Gag 5.5 Inch Dildo Harness
  • Description: Mastered the pleasures of the ball gag and looking for a new challenge? Step things up a notch with Zado's deluxe leather head harness with detachable double ended dildo. Put the short end in your mouth, and the long end wherever takes your fancy... Attaching using sturdy chrome stud fastenings, the rubber dildo stays securely in place no matter what it's plunging. The external dildo (pictured) is 5. 5 inches long, while the shorter mouth dildo is 3 inches for a manageable mouthful. The adjustable leather harness fits up to 28 inches in circumference, to accommodate most heads.
  • Price: $74.99
  • Bondage Boutique Black Lace Eye Mask
  • Description: Step into the erotic world of bondage with this luxurious beginner’s eye mask. Made from elegant, floral lace, the eye mask gives a whisper of fetish fashion – without obstructing your view. Tie the silky ribbons and get ready for an eye-opening night. Due to the light, delicate nature of the eyelash lace, this mask is perfect for those just starting out on their bondage journey. While the mask gives the illusion of a blindfold, you can still sneak a peek of what your lover is up to.
  • Price: $9.99
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag
  • Description: DOMINIX Deluxe's silicone O-ring gag is velvety-smooth and completely adjustable for comfortable, secure restriction. Coated in medical grade silicone, the O-ring bit is rigid, yet gentle on the teeth. Lockable too, for advanced restraint options. Enabling a comfortably tight fit, the 100% silicone straps have a slightly stretchy finish, while metal connecting rings let you take your bondage play to the next level. Perfect for fulfilling pony play fantasies and power play scenarios – just attach a lead to your sub's gag and lead them wherever you please!
  • Price: $29.99
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Large Breathable Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps
  • Description: Take your BDSM pleasures to the next level with this breathable ball gag and nipple clamp set. Made from smooth velvety silicone and fully adjustable, use it to silence your lover and stimulate their nipples for utterly satisfying domination play. Hypoallergenic and fully adjustable, the silicone straps offer a snug, reliable fit, while the lockable buckle fastening makes extreme restraint straightforward. Crocodile-style nipple clamps hang from strong chains and adjust with a simple screw-pin for tailored tension. Connecting the straps and ball gag are two oversized O-rings – perfect for attaching your choice of restraints, chains and leads to.
  • Price: $36.99
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Bit Gag
  • Description: A BDSM twist on your lover's Peperami, have them chew instead on this deluxe leather bit gag for immediate inhibition of speech. Made entirely from leather, this padded bit fills their mouth while a secure 11 hole buckle closure keeps it in place. Reinforced eyelets ensure this gag is built to last and the durable, top-quality leather provides a comfortable, malleable fit. Collect the full DOMINIX range to add a professional standard to your BDSM play.
  • Price: $29.99
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Padded Leather Blindfold
  • Description: Welcome to a world of sensory deprivation and enhancement with this padded leather blindfold by DOMINIX. Peeking is strictly forbidden from the moment this oversized eye mask comes into play - perfect for a range of domination and restraint scenarios. Crafted to cover both eyes easily and comfortably, the malleable leather sits over the wearer's nose perfectly, while extra deep eye pads ensure total blackout. Plus the inside of this mask is finished with soft leather and sumptuous padding for maximum comfort and total light restriction during wear. Achieve the perfect fit using the 9-hole buckle fastening and keep your sensory toys at the ready. Once your lover is blissfully in-the-dark, their skin will become ultra-sensitive to subsequent strokes, spanks and kisses. Why not introduce a feather tickler or whip to further excite those eager senses? Collect the full DOMINIX range to add a professional standard to your BDSM play. WARNING: This product can expose you to harmful chemicals. For more information, please click here
  • Price: $26.99
  • Bondage Boutique Lace and Faux Fur Blindfold
  • Description: Enticing on the outside, and like a hug on the inside, this ergonomic blindfold boasts a faux fur lining that has to be touched to be believed. Strokably soft and offering flawless blackout for sensory deprivation play, one size fits most. While the perfectly shaped eye mask takes care of light deprivation, a wide elasticized band stretches to fit most head sizes, and keeps the blindfold just where you want it, without faffing with buckles and straps. Bondage Boutique is a collection of lingerie-inspired lace bondage gear designed to elevate any bedroom adventure.
  • Price: $9.99
  • Ouch! Street Art Printed Breathable Leather Ball Gag
  • Description: Let your hands do all the talking with this street-art-inspired leather gag from Ouch! Featuring a luxurious leather strap, a graphic graffiti design and a breathable ball, this gag is the ideal gift for subs who like to look stylish while they play. The small ball is dotted with breathable holes, allowing for easier, more comfortable wear. This ball gag is the ideal choice for subs who have never used a gag before. The leather strap feels soft and luxurious against your skin, while the metal buckle keeps the gag securely fixed in place.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Bondage Boutique Soft Blindfold
  • Description: Perfect for bondage beginners, this soft blindfold covers your partner's eyes for tantalising sensory deprivation play. Clever sculpting over the bridge of the nose gives a complete blackout, so there'll be no peeking (unless you let them...). Padded and lined for additional comfort, and with a gently elasticated head strap to keep it firmly in place, you'll be comfortable enough to wear this eye mask all night long. Now - who brought the handcuffs?
  • Price: $9.99
  • Bondage Boutique Beginners Small Ball Gag
  • Description: Muffle your lover's voice with satisfying control when you strap Bondage Boutique's mouth gag into place. Firm-yet-squishy, the rubber ball is comfortable to bite down on, and the soft-yet-strong straps keep it in place throughout your bondage adventures. Whether you're new to the thrill of gag play or an experienced aficionado, the simple and effective gag is the perfect accessory to your BDSM play. Top tip: Replace your safety word with a safety signal to keep play safe and consensual.
  • Price: $9.99
  • Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Small Ball Gag
  • Description: 'Sorry, what's that you're trying to say? You need another spanking? But of course!' Bondage Boutique's fully adjustable faux leather ball gag adds an exciting extra element to BDSM play, keeping your lover completely submissive and near silent. Shhh now. Solid with a hard, rubbery finish, the 4. 5 inch circumference ball is easy and satisfying to grip between the sub's teeth and provides the perfect way to hush them in the heat of the moment. The head strap can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. Team with wrist and ankle restraints to exercise full domination over your lover (and don't forget a spanker!).
  • Price: $16.99
  • Lovehoney Silky Black Blindfold
  • Description: Enhance your lover's senses and increase arousal and satisfaction during intimate play. Made from dual-layered silky black fabric and finished with a hidden-wire frame, tailor it to fit any face shape for the ultimate in sensory deprivation pleasure. We've crafted this blindfold to suit beginners and experienced bondage enthusiasts alike. Its sumptuous style with extra-long ties makes it non-intimidating and a welcome addition to any toy box, whilst being an effective tool for blackout play. Tie the ribbon at the back or side of the head for a tailored fit and press the wire frame against your partner's face to ensure no light seeps through. Once in place, your lover's other senses will be immediately enhanced, making them extra sensitive to subsequent stimulation. Why not combine with a feather tickler or beginners flogger to really up the ante?
  • Price: $16.99
  • Bondage Boutique Silicone Dog Bone Gag
  • Description: Give new meaning to 'boning your partner' with the Bondage Boutique dog bone gag. Designed to comfortably enhance role play fun, the silicone bit is flexible, odourless and flavourless to ensure it always heightens, and never distracts from your fantasy. Adjust the 8 hole buckle fastening to achieve a snug but comfortable fit and transform your sub into your very own playful pup. With its non-intimidating 1 inch depth, this gag is perfect for prolonged wear and effectively muffles your hound's whimpers and howls of pleasure or pain. Combine with a collar and lead, or dog tail butt plug to truly authenticate your puppy play adventure.
  • Price: $24.99
  • Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Medium Silicone Ball Gag
  • Description: Command silence from your sub in a satisfying instant. Crafted from squishy silicone and durable faux leather, it comfortably fills your partner's mouth to silence their moans during erotic play. The 7-hole buckle fastening gives you the perfect fit. Innovative in design, this gag features an unusual ball for optimum comfort. Unlike flat straps or metal O-rings, it features soft silicone extensions which protrude from either side, offering a cushty fit that won't rub. Plus, thanks to their stretchy nature, they offer a little extra stretch to enable the best, most restrictive fit.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Medium Silicone Ball Gag
  • Description: We all wish we could gag our other half from time-to-time, so why not give it a whirl in the bedroom? Made from smooth silicone and durable faux leather, this innovative ball gag features silicone extensions for extra-comfortable, muffled restraint play. A 7-hole buckle fastening keeps the gag in place and offers an adjustable size that fits most heads, while the flavourless, odourless silicone ball sits within your subs mouth to hush their moans of pleasure.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Bondage Boutique Black Rose Faux Fur Lined Blindfold
  • Description: Addictively soft and oh-so-easy to use, the Black Rose blindfold is about to become your new best friend. With subtle floral patterning and sumptuous faux fur lining it blocks vision for enhanced sensitivity and makes an elegant addition to your toy box. Place the snuggly soft side against your lover's eyes and let the wide elasticated strap keep it comfortably in place. The mask itself is perfectly shaped to sit over the nose and eyes for total blackout, while its decorated outer surface adds sophistication and style to your playtime. "Once you've discovered just how luxurious this eye mask is, you'll never want to take it off. It's so comfortable I sometimes wear mine to sleep in." - Jess, Lovehoney Bondage Expert Collect the full Black Rose Pleasure collection to add style and sophistication to your BDSM play box.
  • Price: $12.99
  • Bondage Boutique Large Silicone Breathable Ball Gag
  • Description: Explore intermediate gag play with this large breathable ball gag by Bondage Boutique. Measuring 5. 5 inches around, the ball itself fills the wearer's mouth for total restriction, while three large holes ensure easy breathing throughout your session. With it's large ball and built-in breathing holes this gag is a brilliant blend of beginner-friendly and advanced. It's particularly great for sub's who've worn smaller gags and are ready to take the next step in size, without diving into a non-breathable ball. As with all gag play, don't forget to agree a safety signal before you start your session. Learn more about safe words and signals in our Bondage Buyer's Guides.
  • Price: $29.99
  • Bondage Boutique Large Silicone Ball Gag with Dildo
  • Description: Amplify your power play with this large ball gag with exterior dildo. While a 5. 5 inch ball fills the wearer's mouth to muffle moans, the 4. 8 inch silicone dildo presents itself for a plethora of play options. Face time just got X-rated. Perfectly shaped for sensational G-spot or P-spot pleasure, the slender, angled dildo features carefully placed textures for out-of-this-world internal massage. Wearing this gag takes queening and face sitting to a whole new level of domination. Remember to use plenty of water-based lube before inserting the dildo. As with all gag play, don't forget to agree a safety signal before you start your session. Learn more about safe words and signals in our Bondage Buyer's Guides.
  • Price: $44.99
  • Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag
  • Description: Prevent your sub from making even the slightest sound with this inflatable dildo gag by Bondage Boutique. With a customizable bit to fill their mouth, a leather muffle and adjustable buckled strap, it offers reliable restraint and steadfast silence. The dildo bit is slightly textured, and measures 3 inches in length. It has no core so, without inflation is squishy and soft. Once filled with air it can expand to 5. 5 inches in circumference for advanced gag play. Complete with quick-release valve and easy-press pump for the safe, straightforward play.
  • Price: $44.99
  • Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Silicone Ball Gag
  • Description: Assert your dominance and enhance BDSM playtime with this faux snakeskin and silicone ball gag by Bondage Boutique. Combining luxury styling with practical design features, this ball gag offers restraint that's comfortable, reliable and stylish. The silicone ball measures 5. 5 inches in circumference and is perfect for intermediate subs. The silicone extensions either side of the ball offer slight stretch for optimum restraint and comfort, and protect teeth while biting down. Plus, with brass D-rings either side of the mouthpiece, this gag is compatible with a range of other bondage accessories. Love the look? Check out the rest of the Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Collection to complete your set.
  • Price: $24.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag Training System (3 Balls)
  • Description: Progress ball gag play with this triple training system from Fetish Fantasy. Designed with an adjustable head strap and 3 interchangeable balls, customize play to suit you and your lover. Plus each ball is breathable making them perfect for beginners. The faux leather head strap is strong yet flexible providing serious bondage fun and immeasurable comfort. Switch the ball over easily by using the popper attachments and enjoy a mouthful, without feeling over (or under) stretched. This set is particularly great for those who enjoy gag play and want to try more advanced restraint, or for couples with differing experience levels.
  • Price: $29.99
  • Sex & Mischief Breathable Ball Gag
  • Description: Easy-to-wear, this aerated ball gag is perfect for beginners who want to experiment with gagging, Made with faux leather, it features a 1. 75 inch diamater plastic ball with aerated holes. A comfortable way to enhance S&M play. With a fully adjustable strap, this gag will fit heads measuring between 17 - 24 inches in circumference. Numerous holes throughout the hard plastic ball make this gag both breathable and easy-to-wear. 100% vegan and a great alternative to leather gags.
  • Price: $12.99
  • Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag
  • Description: Pull the plug on dissatisfying BDSM play and add this silicone stopper O-ring gag to your play. Made entirely from silicone and based on an O-ring design to keep lips parted, it features a stopper plug which can easily be removed or replaced during play. The O-ring measures 2 inches in diameter, and with the plug out is slightly flexible and totally breathable. With the plug in place, the gag becomes more rigid and non-breathable.
  • Price: $24.99
  • Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag
  • Description: Your lover should know it's rude to speak with their mouth full, and with this high-quality leather dildo gag, we'd like to see them try. The 2. 5 inch rubber dildo sits snugly in the mouth and is held in place by an adjustable leather strap. A sizeable 4. 5-inch circumference, together with the wide leather mount that completely covers the mouth, ensures that there'll be no back-chat once you've buckled this baby up. A flexible fit of between 17-23 inches means that you can secure the gag as snugly as you wish. WARNING: This product can expose you to harmful chemicals. For more information, please click here
  • Price: $36.99
  • Sex & Mischief Faux Leather and Fishnet Ball Gag
  • Description: Bite down into your newest BDSM accessory, with Sex & Mischief's sleek fishnet ball gag. With a 5. 5 inch silicone ball, a buckle to the rear, faux leather straps and a fishnet finish, this BDSM accessory is both stylish and practical.
  • Price: $19.99
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